Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Curve Ball...

They say life will throw you curve balls… but life only throws curve balls to those that have a plan. Without a plan, there is no such thing as a curveball, but rather, it’s just…. Life. Emotional week for me, and a few tears.  So many changes, so fast.

Cancelling two trips, on the same day, because I have no other choice. I wait all year, to spend the 4th of July on the river, with my best friends, rafting and camping. And I was treating myself to a week on Vancouver, British Columbia in 3 weeks for my birthday treat to myself. Neither of these trips will be happening for me now.

I woke up last Wednesday morning, with a pain in my abdomen. I didn’t think much of it. I haven’t had a health issue my entire life. It didn’t go away the entire day, but it didn’t get worse either. Thursday, I woke up with a little more pain. I assumed it was a light case of food poisoning from something I had ate.. maybe 24 hour flu. Friday morning, I woke up to a lot of pain. Nausea, tenderness, and a tremble.

I realized I needed to call my doctor… something I try not to do at ALL costs. I’m not a fan of traditional medicine, particularly the ENTIRE pharmaceutical industry.  I was able to see him that day, Friday. After x-rays and a couple procedures, we detected a growth on my colon. Nothing is more humbling than being naked in front of your doctor, and his nurse Lol. After a 5 minute discussion about options, and a few signatures, I made a decision, and we scheduled surgery for 6 days later. That is… tomorrow. Lol, with additional appointments Monday, and Wednesday of next week.  

I was put on a heavy antibiotic, to strengthen my blood for the six days leading up. The recovery for that procedure alone, is 3 weeks. A piece of it will be removed, and sent out for testing/diagnosis. I am not worried about any of that, because it’s out of my hands. What I am emotional about is the timing.

I am a happy person. I am a positive person. I am looking at this as an opportunity to recognize a few things. 1) Your health is your life. Without it, no other plan will work. I try to live a healthy lifestyle, but from here on out, I will pay even closer attention to it. 2) This is an opportunity now, to lay low and continue to capitalize my business. Something that I am passionate about. I started working for myself, so that I COULD take off whenever I wanted… but I refuse to look at these vacations as a loss, and rather I will see the time as an opportunity to grow my business faster.

The human body, in its function, abilities, and entirety, is the most amazing thing on the planet. No technology will ever be capable of reaching the intricacy of the human body. We live our lives, every day, EXPECTING to wake up, EXPECTING to grow old, EXPECTING things will be smooth, rarely stopping to acknowledge the vessel in which we live and operate daily. Problems with our body are quite the humbling experience. 

You lose a job, you can get a new one. You lose a friend, you can make a new one. You lose a lover, you can dream of a better one. But when your mind recognizes your body, is the battery of our life, and it can’t be replaced… that can frighten the mind… It’s so important to live a full life, love without regret, and chase your dreams. 

We all know when our Switch was turned on. It was the day we were born. None of us know, when our switch will be turned off. That alone, should create a fire inside, to achieve, and climb, and smile, and help, and hope, and spread love with every breath we take, every step we make.

Certainly, there is a Moral To The Story…

Setbacks may not be setbacks at all… setbacks may be curve balls. And curve balls, just might be opportunities. Opportunities may change the outcome to something better than ever imagined. That’s my story… and I believe it.

When this passes… I’m going to Canada. And I’m going to smile a lot, when I get there. 

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