Wednesday, July 30, 2014


This man writes the best lyrics I've ever read. I say that... because he does it consistently... and he writes from the heart. Writing, or reading something from the heart, is one of the truest things you can experience on this earth. Writing from the heart, is letting eyes peer deep into your soul, to see what makes you, what moves you, and what shakes you. I've always felt, words hold more power than weapons. And sometimes, unfortunately, words are even used as weapons. 

These lyrics that come next, come from Ryan Lewis. Also known... as Macklemore. Some truth, coming out of Seattle, Washington.

"He doesn't sleep, so in truth, he never wakes up. Another day rushing to his death, out of breath, on the treadmill of the famous.  He makes mistakes, tells stories to his paintbrush, and when the world finally sees his art, he wishes that he never would have shared it.

Just escape, just escape, ricochets and eclipses faith, living in a city with a grey umbrella over your shoulders and you're becoming suffocated by the weight. Cant hit those breaks. This is what you wanted, right? But you got it all in vein, cause you forgot who you are right as the world learned your name, it goes...

Let me ash my issues, ashtray is the asphalt, american spirits, black coffee, conversations, and my passport. When God gives you everything, everything, that you ever asked for, and it still looks a bit different, then when you pictured it, on that back porch.

And I'm gone, world traveler, all I got is my songs, when the nights start blending, into one another, and I don't recall, Tom Petty, in this mother f*cker, all I wanna do is free fall. Yeah, free fall, and i'm so caught up, i'm so caught up, and i'm so tired.

Stare into the light, and guess who tried it, shit i'm blinded, by this lime light, this lime light, its all night, its all day, these bright lights, these bright lights, once you turn 'em on, you cant walk away.

Don't die here, don't die here, i cam too far, i'm too great, but i'm too scared, and i'm too afraid, afraid to stare this world into its face, i'm almost home, i'm driving lost, my eyelids are closed. Lights turned to grey, the cameras off, the show is over, you close the curtains and just escape..."

-Ryan Lewis, Macklemore

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