Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vegas. Bay. Bee.

We decided we should finally get out of the pool, and hit the strip. Here is a 30 second video, that shows what kind of people I hang out with. I may, or may not be making a vegas slideshow/video. Some of the guys on the trip have requested COMPLETE anonymity, as if the trip never existed... So we may come out with a G rated video...  or we may keep the entire trip under wraps... we'll have to take a vote. You know the rules.... Moral of the Story?!?! DUH!!! :What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas!!!!!

I rented a pool house right off the strip for the guys. Here is our backyard, with the Stratosphere directly behind us. Chillin with my boy Grizzly Bear Bryce. He drives a van, with no windows. Creepy right? 

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