Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Well... It Happened. My friends talked me into joining a Dating Website. My heart is whole. My mind is whole. My life is whole. Time to experience something new. I'm SOOOOO excited, to be able to share all of my future experiences with all of you.

Like this one... I sent her a message at 4:56 this evening, and then a second one at 5:09, 13 minutes later.

NO, I don't know her. NO I didn't run into Vicki at the supermarket today, and NO, there was not even a Ricky on the list this morning at Yoga. NO my mailbox was not smashed, and NO, I would not attempt to collect sales tax from you, if you destroyed my mailbox.

This is just my attempt at satisfying my friends... so that I can CLAIM, that I AM engaging people on the site. If they choose to ignore me, and BLOCK me... well, i'm sure i'm better off. 

It takes a special kind of WEIRDO, to mix with my WEIRDO. But when that WEIRDO notices me... it will be WEIRDO MAGNETICS creating a WEIRDO force so strong, that WEIRDO will be the new black. 

Oh, and for the record... my profile headline is "Nerdy Girls Only"

It helps, that my profile pic makes me look like a complete Creep. I was blessed with creepy looks. Helps keep the CHICKS away.

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