Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday Trading

This is insane. Almost the EXACT same profit today, tuesday, as yesterday! $20 dollar difference! Worked in my pajamas, drank coffee.. and was done working for the day by 8:30am.

$2,120 Profit today. Not bad for 56 minutes of work. 

I just found out on my blog, if you click on these pics, it enlarges them. Good to know! lol  

I couldn't have timed this trade better. It wend down, for the rest of the day. If you look at my Red Sell icon, I literally sold at the top of the day. That RARELY ever happens for me. Its like a 1 in a million shot. Was a beautiful trade today! 

I quit my job in February to take a chance at something I love. I don't know if this will last, or I will get a job later this year, but i'm loving the challenge. Its something i'm passionate about. Working from home is not fun, I miss the social interaction, but i'm rarely ever trading past 10am. So it might be a time in my life where I can go do something part time, that I literally love. 

Day Trading from home is awesome, because it allows me to be mobile. I could move anywhere in the world, and still do this, as long as I have a computer, and an internet connection. That is exciting, and leaves a lot to the imagination! 

I used to work 2 full months, at a full time job, to make what I just made, yesterday and today. Mind Boggling actually... 

Moral to the Story, you ask? OF COURSE there is!! Do what you love... and listen to your OWN heart... THAT is today's lesson!

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