Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gone With The Wind...

Couple things here, folks. lol :)

Nice ride tonight, other than the flat tire coming down Lucky Peak Dam Highway. I was like..... Damn.... get it? haha

Here was my Facebook Post, from the top of the dam. With these 2 lovely pics.


Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give A Lucky Peak Dam...  -At Lucky Peak Dam

Was a great evening for the ride. Minus the pit stop on the side of the road to fix my back tire. Moral to the story you ask? NOT THIS TIME!!!! ha! kidding. Course' there is... the moral is... 4 years ago... i bought a pump... and attached it to my bike frame. For 4 years... I haven't touched that pump. Tonight, on the side of the highway, as I sat pouting, fixing my tire, that there darn pump paid for itself 10 fold. Moral being... prepare for the worst, hope for the best when it comes to recreational sports. Matter fact, you can treat your life in general the same way. Never expect a cake walk... Never EXPECT plan "A" to execute perfectly... 

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